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    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2012 edited
    Maps and MoreAs announced here Profantasy has recently offered a batch of Unlimited Patron Licenses to our customers, as a way to get a comprehensive collection of our software, including unlimited future updates.

    One of the included perks is a sample map of the customer's campaign, done by yours truly. Now one of our patrons has decided to donate this map (or better the mapping time) to the community. To decide what this sample should be, I'm asking you for suggestions. What do you want to see mapped as a freely available resource? The map will be available for download in both CC3 and PDF formats, so that you can edit it if you own CC3 yourself, or just print it for your own game.

    You can see some of my mapping work at Let me know here in this thread or head over to the Profantasy blog.

    Happy mapping,
    • CommentAuthorMerion
    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2012
    I would love to see a high quality map of the World of A Song of Ice and Fire (game of thrones). The ones in the books are a bit sketchy.

    Might wanna check out copyright problems first...
    • CommentAuthorGathar
    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2012
    Since everything related to something recent might have copyright issues, I would suggest sticking to the classics. One of my favourite book as a child was "l'île mystérieuse" (the mysterious island) from Jules Verne. It has an almost official map of the island, drawn one year after the original publication. And I think this map is gorgeous !

    However, I'd love to see what kind of map could be made out of this story, maybe not looking the same as the old map, but still containing all the features described in the book.

    An even more classical map would be a map relating the odyssey of none the less than Odysseus himself. One of the oldest fantasy book that is still published and read by many people today!

    On a totally different subject, for a lower scale map, cities of the old time could be great. I'm thinking about Machu Picchu, not as it is now, but as it might have been at its best. If this subject is chosen, and from a technical point of view, I'll be really eager to see how the 3D nature of this city could be rendered.
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2012 edited
    I'm not sure if there would be a copyright issue, but an actual map of Conan's world in the Hyborian age would be awesome. AFAIK, REH only ever sketched rough maps overlaying then-present-day outlines. Other ideas (some of these may also have copyright probs, but I'm just brainstorming):

    • Wonderland

    • Never-Never Land

    • Oz

    • The Nine Realms of Norse Mythology (maybe a little hefty, even as a cosmic-level map?)

    • Atlantis, the city (Platonic, not Disney, though Stargate Atlantis could be cool...)

    • Atlantis, the lost continent (same as above)

    • Lemuria (another lost continent)

    • Mu (yet another lost continent)

    • The Lost Continent (Edgar Rice Burroughs)

    • El Dorado

    • The Tardis (okay, just kidding, I'm sure you don't have that much mapping time)

    • A setting-agnostic fantasy city to plug into a campaign

    • The Land of the Lost (from the U.S. TV show, not the abominable movie)

    • Gilligan's Island (hey, brainstorming, remember?)

    • Isometric map of the Journey to the Center of the Earth! :-D (extending Gathar's ideas about Jules Verne maps)

    • Dante's Inferno

    • A setting-agnostic fantasy continent to use for a campaign

    • Barsoom

    • Tarzan's Africa

    • The lands of Terra Nova (in case someone wants to game there and build on the defunct U.S. TV show...)

    • The Monopoly city

    • Mythological Greece (with notable locales and, possibly, heroic-journey paths (maybe on hyperlinked, hideable sheets, a la building levels)

    • Scheherazade's Arabia, as above

    • The Swiss Family Robinson treehouse

    Dante's Inferno is an awesome suggestion...
    • CommentTimeSep 26th 2012
    Oh, i forgot to suggest Kong's Skull Island!

    • CommentAuthorMobius
    • CommentTimeSep 26th 2012 edited
    I like the mythologies ideas - Imagine a map of Asgard, or the Ancient Egyptian afterlife etc
    +1 for the Dante's Inferno suggestion
    • CommentTimeSep 26th 2012 edited
    And, looking back, I see I wasn't clear about this, but I liked the previous suggestions too. So,
    +1 for Odysseus's voyage and
    +1 for Mysterious Island

    • CommentAuthorMmurphy
    • CommentTimeSep 27th 2012
    A nice dungeon (somewhat similar to Forgotten Realms-Under Mountain)
    • CommentAuthorHenrie61
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2012
    Any news on this topic?
    I am curious about what kind of map its going to be.
    • CommentAuthoropie2000
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2013
    Well, I bet this is likely to be copy written at least in the ref of specific names and uses but what if you could say do a map of Destiny from Stargate Universe.

    The set design copy is avaiable, in fact Millozie was selling a set of them recently if done in production with them might even get you or them royalties. I am sure copies of this map would fly out the door even in PDF format.
    • CommentTimeJun 2nd 2013
    Eddic Iceland with the þingvellir and all.