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    Went to create a new dungeon map (200x400) using DD3 and noticed several odd things. First of all, all my bitmaps show in super-low resolution in preview (like under Fill Style Properties-->Bitmap Files). Second, when I created a rectangular wall using the wall drawing tool, only one corner of the wall was filled and the rest is just the empty line outline with no fill. And the corner that was filled was not even filled correctly. See screenshots below. What am I missing here?

    Any ideas here?
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2010
    a) Click the Display Speed Settings button and set your bitmap quality to "fixed, high".

    b) The open corner: You need to close the polygon for this to clear up. Use Path to Polygon (right-click the Explode button) on it, or use Numeric Edit and choose to close the shape.
    Note that you can create a closed wall from the start by editing the drawing tool (click the Advanced button) and telling it to draw a closed shape.

    c)Make sure the bitmap fill is set to tile. Open the File style dialog (click FS: in the top right corner), select the fill style you're using and set it to "Tile to fill". The one you're using in this map is a very old bitmap fill, try one of the "Stone Grey" or "Cobble" styles instead.

    Hope that helps, Ralf
    Ralf, thanks so much for the helpful instructions. I will try this tonight.

    I must have inadvertently changed some settings, because I had just completed a dungeon without this issue. Is there a way to "restore" the default/normal settings for all the drawing tools, etc.? If not, I would suggest this would be a helpful feature to add in future updates.