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    • CommentAuthortasmirodred
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2008 edited
    Hi, I'm a new dd3-user and I have some basic questions which probably are quite easy to answer. I was looking if someone already asked the same in older discussions but couldn’t find an answer...

    The first question is about saving a map by using “save as”:
    If I try to save a map as jpg or bmp, nothing is happening at all (it does not even try to create the file). If I save it as png, it’s fine but just by using the default-resolution. If I change the resolution (for example 1600x1200 instead of 800x600) and then save the map as png, it’s also not working anymore.
    The strange thing is that I can save the file as jpg, bmp or png if I use the function where I have to select the area which should be saved (can’t remember the command, it’s in the pulldownmenu of the save-as settings). So I can somehow avoid the problem but it’s a little bit strange that “save as” is not working. Did someone make the same experience?

    The second question is about symbols:
    I have installed different additional symbol sets. If I e.g. use the furniture-button, they don’t show up in the list (also not if I click through the different stile-types). Do I have to load them every time I want to look through them? Is there a possibility to load all symbols of the same genre into one group and save them so that I have them altogether? And if so, can I somehow make that those groups are loaded by default?

    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2008
    I have never experienced anything like that with the save as command myself. First thing you should check is that you are using the latest version of CC3 though. Check Help-> About. If the CC version is not version 3.20, get the latest patch from your registration page

    These symbols sets, are they official symbol sets (In other words, since you are talking dungeon symbols here, that would be "Symbol Set 2: Fantasy Floorplans" for this purpose)? If they aren't official, I don't think anyone else have made installers that integrates them into the program the same way as official symbols. If they are from the official ProFantasy symbol sets, they should normally be visible when you use the symbol style toggle. Again, in this case, I would start by makin sure you have the latest patch.

    As for merging the symbols, you can easily create your own symbol catalogs. Symbol catalogs can be loaded into the program and edited just as drawings, or you can use the Symbol Manager from the Symbols menu to make a new catalog.
    The symbol catalog settings button in the left toolbar is also usefull here, as you can define the names of a symbol catalog. For example, create a new entry, call it "DD3 Color Weapons 2", browse for a symbol catalog for it, and save, and voila, the next time you hit the weapon button with the DD3 Color style selected, you get a choice between the original catalog and the new one you just defined.
    How are you selecting Save As? From the File menu? By typing it?
    ok, i still had 3.11 and after runing the patch, saving files workes fine :o)
    And I'll try to create my own catalog, might be the best solution

    Today I started to draw the first floor of a tavern and I have some questions:
    - how can I make that the shadow of the tree falls on top of the tables?
    - I dont know how to draw nice looking streets and roofs to surround the house. For lack of alternatives I used floors but it looks dreadful...

    I have CC3, DD3, CDpro, SS1&2...
    • CommentTimeJun 3rd 2008
    Excellent map!

    To bring the trees shadow on top of the tables it needs to go on a separate sheet. Create a sheet, e.g. called SYMBOLS TREES, move the tree to it. Then give the sheet a new Drop Shadow effect.
    • CommentAuthortasmirodred
    • CommentTimeJun 3rd 2008 edited
    thanks a lot, worked fine...

    Can someone with cdpro-experience tell me if can use roofs from cdpro? Haven't installed it yet so I don't know if there are some nice roofs in the same type of style. Or does someone know where I could find/download a nice graphic for roofs/streets?
    • CommentAuthorShadoWWW
    • CommentTimeJun 3rd 2008 edited
    Here is my map of a pub...
    Link to full size: here.
    from where did you get the roof and those trees? Maybe I’m blind but I couldn’t find them (I have CC3, DD3, CDpro, SS1 and SS2). Those symbols are exactly what I’m looking for…
    • CommentAuthorShadoWWW
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2008
    @tasmirodred: Sorry for the late answer. Well, I used the roof from a house symbol in CD3, better to say from April CA '08. So, if you wanna the symbol, just take a look at the Annual or wait till CD3 it out. You can find some roofs also here, especially this rooftop tutorial is very useful. :)