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    • CommentAuthorHamster
    • CommentTimeMay 5th 2008
    I recently upgraded to CC3 from CC2 and downloaded the free compatibility updates for CD-Pro and DD-Pro as well. I'm thinking of upgrading to DD3 but I'm not sure what that nets me beyond the update to DD-Pro that I've already got and some new symbols. The product page says that "any purchase of Dungeon Designer Pro from now on includes a free art upgrade if you have CC3 - giving you Dungeon Designer 3" - is that what I've already achieved by updating my DD-Pro? Have I already effectively got DD3? If not, what are the "new tools" alluded to by the product page?

    I'm also considering the Tome of Ultimate Mapping but I'd like to know how much of it is new material related to the products I've got (CC, CD, DD, FT) beyond what's in the 386 pp complete manual (CC2Complete.pdf). The product FAQ says that about 40% of the Tome is new material and the other 60% is existing material that's been expanded on, but it doesn't clarify how that 40% breaks down between CC2 and its add-ons. I'd be keen to get more detailed info about using the products I've got but I'm not interested (at least at this point) in CA, Perspectives, Dioramas, etc. I'm also assuming those percentages are as compared to the complete manual pdf - is that right? Finally, have there been any updates to the Tome related to CC3 or DD3 yet?

    • CommentAuthorJimP
    • CommentTimeMay 5th 2008 edited
    The DD-Pro compatibility update was give you DD-Pro capability in CC3. It gives you, if you already own DD-Pro, a set of symbols for use in CC3 for dungeons comes with it. If you have the 3 symbol sets, those have compatibility updates to. But they don't have everythng you would get by buying the newest versions of the symbol catalogs put out by Profantasy.

    DD3 will be an upgrade of the add-on.

    Here are the details:

    The art upgrade is png files.

    The Tome, I have a copy, is pretty good. I think it needed to cover more of Cosmographer and Character Artist. However, Cosmos compatibility upgrade for CC3 uses sheets differently that the older Cosmo Pro.

    Basically what is not in theTome are the sheets effects in CC3.

    I have used the Tome to create some of my newer maps as Ihad to look something up I couldn't find elsewhere.

    Allyn is working on the Tome, so it covers all of the new stuff.

    Don't try to use the CC2 add-ons with CC3, use the Compatibility updates. This wasfor those who owned a copy of say Cosmo Pro to have a version that worked with CC3.

    I'm sure I've left something out... someone will be along to answer anything I have missed or gotten wrong.