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    • CommentAuthorhomechild
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2008
    Hi there.
    I'm starting to create my world piece by piece and have run up against a problem. When I create roads (default or double line) the roads have a white line running through them. I'm sure I did this before (when I was just playing around) and there was no white line.
    I've even tried re-draw but this makes no difference. Really hoping someone can help because it's starting to bug me!

    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2008
    hmm.. My Road, Default doesn't do this, but I noticed the Double Dash one has this behavior.

    Looking at the draw tool, it seems that the road is composed of two entities, one of which uses the current fill style, which causes a line running through the road in whatever fill style you currently have active. I had just drawn some land, so my roads had a nice green land bitmap fill running through them.
    You can get rid of this by editing the draw tool. Now, I don't remember exactly how the double dash road is supposed to look, but to get rid of the white line, you can edit the draw tool, hit properties. I changed the white color to brown (color 11), set the fill style to hollow, and the line style to road.
    If you do change the draw tool, it is usually a good idea to save it under a new name.

    Maybe someone from ProFantasy can explain why the tool is set up this way, if it is a bug, or it has some purpose I can't grasp at the moment