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    • CommentAuthorShaira
    • CommentTimeApr 29th 2008
    Hi all,

    I'm just creating a DD3 metric map (actually for the first time - I usually use Imperial) and have encountered a problem, which I'm wondering may be a bug. Basically, when I try to use the Wall Cutters to cut a hole in a wall for a door, the hole size cut is the usual feet-size, but in metres. In other words, if I use "Wall Cutter 3" to cut a hole, I get a 3-meter hole in the wall. This is despite the actual Wall Cutter *icon* having been reduced in size to 0.3 (and which therefore looks the right size when "hovering"); when you place the Wall Cutter in place on a wall, the 0.3 scale icon zooms up to full 1.0 size (ie 3 meters rather than 1 meter), and that's the hole you cut.

    Basically, it means in metric maps I don't seem to be able to cut holes for doors any less than 3 metres wide.

    Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? At the moment it looks like I'm going to have to junk my map and start over on an Imperial template, and fluff the metric measurements in the scale bar, which is irritating to have to throw away so much work.

    Can anyone advise?


    • CommentTimeApr 29th 2008 edited
    Hmm. Seem like this might indeed be a bug. Seems like the "smart" part of the symbol causes it to resize when over a cuttable wall.
    I noticed that for me, the problem appeared on a new metric map, but when I saved it, quit CC3, then restarted CC3, it behaved exactly as it should

    Also, The doors in the catalog is also cutting, so just place a door instead of using the cutter. They stay the correct size regardless in my tests.

    As a last resort, you can also use the "BREAK" command to cut the wall manually (Type BREAK [enter] at the command line, or find the break command in one of the left toolbars)
    • CommentAuthorShaira
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2008
    Hi Monsen,

    Thanks for your tips! Your first one didn't work for me - I saved the map, quit CC3, then restarted, but the buggy behaviour remained.

    However - I didn't realise the doors also did the cutting for you, and they DO work fine with the metric scaling. In future with metric maps that's how I'll do it.

    In the end, I abandoned the metric template and built my map in Imperial, and simply grafted a metric scale on at the end. Not ideal, but it did the job!