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    Hi folks,

    I had that character sheet to design for the RPG I run with my kids. After struggling with CorelDraw and OpenOffice I thought of using CC3 to do it.
    CC3 gives you so much control over items and text placement that it took more time to draw the character picture (with Heromachine 3, great tool too) than designing the character sheet. It sure took less time than doing it with OO and no more time than with Corel. After adding some effects, I was quite bluffed by the result.

    So what do you think? How could I further improve it? I know the words are in french but I hope that won't prevent comments :)
    If someone wants to look at the sheets order and/or effects, I've attached the FCW below though you might experience troubles with fonts and/or bitmap fill... I hope I do nothing wrong because the only symbol used is in the DD3 catalog that comes as a teaser with CC3...
    • CommentAuthorvikkiw
    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2009 edited
    What a great idea! I was thinking you could prepare the look and feel in CC3 and then use a PDF Writer with form functionality to overlay the values with radio buttons or text input. Then your kids could update their statistics after each game and print a tidy new sheet for next time.

    I use Nuance, but have not tried the form utilities yet. Info here if you are interested:
    • CommentAuthorprobstette
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2009
    Petits bobos... little booboos? Ooosabrave ickle barbarian oo?

    I like the layout, but the tiny headings above the tick-boxes look very small to me. Because it's a language I don't understand very well, I couldn't work out if I'd be able to read it if it were English, but I suspect that it's something you can easily make remember. I'd still make it bigger, though.

    I'm a fan of leaving stuff blank and putting it in in pencil, but if the Corps box and the Blessages area are going to be used a lot, I might try printing out smaller areas that can just be clipped on to keep track by session, so the sheet doesn't suffer by rubbing.
    Posted By: probstettethe tiny headings above the tick-boxes look very small

    During design stage I was wondering the same but it came out quite right. I exported at a higher resolution than what you can see here (due to Photobucket limitation). It's however quite small but readable and not that important once you know the (easy) system.

    Posted By: probstetteprinting out smaller areas that can just be clipped on

    Good idea, Thanks!
    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2009
    That looks very nice! I've also created character sheets with CC3 in the past, but they were mostly functional and not so pretty. :D

    What game are you playing with you kids? Is it a homebrew system or something commercially available?
    Thanks Ralf.
    The game is homebrewed. For some reason, I cannot manage to adopt "official" rules even in my more serious games.
    It's however a parchwork of various plundered rules and based on d20 which in fact is not that different from Black Eye (Das Schwarze Auge), my first RPG ever... Through the ages I went through MERP/Rolemaster, Chaosium, DnD, Amber Diceless, StarWars d6, Pendragon, Earthdawn... never staying long with a commercial system, always keeping cool stuff.
    At the moment I'm designing spell cards, something I'm doing for some time but now with CC3 too!