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    • CommentAuthorCeeCeeDee
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2020
    Why oh why is not all art accessible from all map styles? But since it is not how do I import objects and terrains that I need into other maps.
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2020 edited
    Mostly because that would be an overwhelming long list to look at, and far from everything fits well with everything, many of the styles are too distinct for that, as well as making sure people find the elements that actually belong to the style without them drowning in everything else.

    To use symbols from another style, just use the Open Symbol Catalog button and browse for the relevant style and catalogs.

    If you wish to use fills from another style (or use drawing tools from another style, since these depends on those fills), the easiest way is to make a new blank map in the style that contains those tools/fills, then in your current map, use Draw ->Insert file, pick the new blank map you just made and hit ok. Now, that new map should now hang on your mouse cursor ready to place, but instead of placing it, just hit esc. Just the part of selecting it will have copied over the fill styles from the source maps.

    If you wish to make certain permanent combinations, you can also make your own templates, and set up your own symbol catalog filters, thereby effectively creating your own style combining elements from existing styles, but that is a more advanced topic.
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2020
    What Remy said.

    If you have the full set of add-ons there are several tens of thousands of symbols available if you jumble them all together in one big heap :)
    • CommentAuthorJimP
    • CommentTime7 days ago
    Hopefully this will help.

    When I come up with a town, dungeon, or city symbol set I like for a particular country on my game map, I save that symbol catalog and give it a name I'll remember.

    That way all of my villages look the same for a particular nation; however, I do change some parts up, otherwise it would be boring.
    • CommentAuthorCeeCeeDee
    • CommentTime7 days ago
    Boy Loopysue, I would love that one big heap so much!! Seriously though they would still need to be in organized groups (catalogs) like they are now. I do have everything, (annuals, packs etc.) and bought them all for the specific reason of being able to mix and match ANYthing in ANY map, be it city/dungeon/overland/character even token LOL. It would be so very nice if all the catalogs could be rotated through by clicking that little catalog rotation button in the upper left rather than it showing only the stuff that someone else decided would go nicely together. Building my own catalog will not quite solve the problem because I still want all the sets in groupings I just want to see ALL the groupings available to every map. Along with all the fills. Is there a way to get all the groupings to show up in every map?
    I find while searching, that many symbols are in many catalogs, thus I don't remember where many are and I am amazingly unsuccessful at making my Catalog. So I have Index Cards...
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTime7 days ago
    CeeCeeDee - You can kind of do that if you set things up the right way, but I've always been happy with just knowing where things are if I want them so I've never even tried to alter the default settings. I think you would really need to refer to the Tome for the 'how to' bit.

    It does get a lot easier once your mental map of the storage system is properly formed. It only takes me a couple of clicks to get what I want these days.
    • CommentTime7 days ago edited
    Posted By: CeeCeeDeeIt would be so very nice if all the catalogs could be rotated through by clicking that little catalog rotation button in the upper left rather than it showing only the stuff that someone else decided would go nicely together.
    That would mean that with all the annuals and stuff, you would need to be clicking about 150 times to get through them all and back to the starting points. Could get annoying.

    Instead, I recommend just modifying the catalog filters. That's far quicker than clicking symbol style toggle 100 times.

    First click Symbol Catalog Settings
    Then click the Advanced button.

    Now, in this dialog, use whatever keywords you like in the master filter and catalog settings filter. For example, to load ALL the catalogs CC3+ knows about, put an asterisk in both, then click either Find Now button (, then wait a bit). To find all the mountains in all the styles, enter mountain in the catalog filter, and * in the master filter, and there you go. Now just pick a catalog and click ok to display it in the symbol catalog window.
    Note that these filters searches for catalog settings, not individual symbols in those catalogs.

    If it ever asks you to save the settings, say no, because that is about the settings for the catalogs, not the current search filters you input.
    catalog settings.png

    Also, if you right click Symbol Style Toggle , pick master filter settings and set the current master filter to an asterisk there, then the catalog buttons on top of the map will automatically show all the catalogs of that type, regardless of style. For example, a click on the Structures button will bring up the picker listing all structure catalogs from all styles.
    This setting isn't persistent unless you save the master filter list, which I strongly encourage you not to do, at least not overwrite the default ones because that will impact all maps using them, but feel free to create a new custom one you quickly can load.
    master filter.png