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    So i am probably being awkward but I have a fairly large map and it is seperated into countries by political borders. It is possible to seperate the countries so i can work on them individually. It is at the moment one landmass.
    • CommentAuthorJimP
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2020 edited
    There are several ways to do that.

    Here is the method I use.

    1) I save as the larger map under a different filename.

    2) make a hollow square on the map of the smaller area I want to make a map of.

    3) Using the Info -> distance find out its width and height.

    4) Add text to the map with those miles.

    5) Save As rectangular section png

    6) Open a new map template. Make it ( I forget the exact wording) but its similar to 'decide my own settings'. Use the distances you found above in step 3.

    7) add a new sheet and new layer. I call them bmp or bitmap.

    8) Insert the rectangular section png into the new map. I start at the upper right, and then holding down the control/ctrl key, move the mouse pointer to the lower left corner.

    9) Once you have that corner where you want it, I place them just under the map border or if it doesn't have a frame close to the corner. Let go the ctrl key.

    10) Then I click the mouse button. Puts the png in place.

    Now you can trace around it, showing and hiding sheets, as you work on it. I save as often. save as filename01_001, do some work, save as filaname01_002, etc.

    Typically the filename part will be the name of the smaller district, a town, etc.

    Seems like many of steps, but I did this for over 1,000 maps and got used to it fairly quickly.
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2020
    This blog article details another way of making a new map based on parts from another.